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LiveSpot Causes & Petitions
What is it?
LiveSpot Causes & Petitions rounds up support for your cause. The service can be used to collate numbers for a petition and create a database for education and interaction activities along the course of your campaign, or part of an ongoing effort to elevate your cause.
How does it work?
Individuals who come across your outreach text a keyword to a premium number. The incoming messages amount to a substantial number to support your cause and build dedicated database of contacts.

Setting it up
LiveSpot allocates a premium number for individuals to text your keyword to. If your organisation champions multiple causes, your designated number is able to take multiple keywords for each of them.
Using it
All you will need to do next is incorporate texting details into advertising and promotions collateral.
Upon joining the cause, you can setup an auto-response to individuals that contain an educational message. You can use your database at a later point to update members on progress of campaigns, or seek donations.
  • Gets the public familiar with your organisation as a first step towards supporting your cause
  • Allows the public to act on their interest in your cause instantly
  • The responses amount to a database which you can use for future outreach
  • Track society’s interest in your cause quantitatively
  • Save on printing membership forms and newsletters. Text messages are delivered straight to your contacts’ fingertips and are more likely to be read than emails or flyers

Some ideas to get you started…

  • Turn static collaterals into a live call to support your cause by providing that additional line reads “Add your voice. Text POVERTY to…”
  • Use LiveSpot Causes in more ways that one - fill out a petition and obtain a comprehensive database. “Join us. Text your name, age and occupation to…”
  • Amplify voices of people who have signed your petition – through LiveSpot Projector, you can direct and display text messages onto screens at a preferred venue.
  • Once you have accumulated a database, you can use LiveSpot Bulk Messaging service to keep in contact, send updates and maintain their interest in your cause.
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