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LiveSpot Competitions
What is it?
LiveSpot Competitions allows people to participate in draws and contests by texting the necessary entry details to a premium number.
How does it work?
Promoters could have participants text their contact details to the premium number. On the draw date, winners are selected using an industry-regulated random draw mechanism.
For contests that employ question and answer tactics, we can support a system that recognises correct answers, pooling these entries towards a final draw.
Promoters can also scale up contests by using MMS technology to gather entries that involve imagery.
Setting it up
We will work with you to define entry details, and allocate a premium number participants text entries to.
Using it
Encouraging participation is easy - incorporate mobile entry details into your promotional collateral. Publicity for competition entry translates to higher participation rates. A good prize helps!
  • Competitions bring interactivity to advertisements, mobile competitions makes the interaction and entry process instant
  • Rapid turnaround can compress the duration of your competition, freeing up budget and time for other campaigns
  • Makes participation easy and affordable by removing forms and postage barriers
  • Easily integrated into current advertising outlets in all media
  • Does not cost more to integrate into copy
  • Removes costs and wastage associated with printing entry forms
  • Entries provide a quantitative evaluation of the competition
  • Information within entry can be collated to form a database
  • Correct answers can also indicate how well the market knows your business or product
Some ideas to get you started…
  • At sports events or concerts, run a ticker with texting details for your SMS competitions. A captive audience with their mobile phones translates to high participation rates.
  • Print SMS competition details on the packaging of a new product, and reward the first 100 customers who purchased the product.
  • Initiating a lucky draw - SMS broadcast to your database and the first 100 people to respond receives a prize.
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