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LiveSpot Donations
What is it?
LiveSpot Donations allow charities to raise funds by having individuals make a donation using their mobile phone.
How does it work?
By texting your charity name to a premium number, the sender is making a donation via his or her telco. The donated amount is reflected on the sender‘s mobile phone bill. The cash contribution is relayed via the telco to your charity.

Setting it up
With your preferred keyword in mind, LiveSpot provides your charity with a premium number.
If you have multiple campaigns running throughout the year, LiveSpot Donations can handle multiple keywords under the same premium number.
Using it
LiveSpot Donations can be used as part of an ongoing fundraising strategy or in support of a specific campaign. All you will need to do is incorporate texting details into current outreach collateral.
Advantages of LiveSpot Donations
  • LiveSpot donations has the power to transform static advertising into active donation appeals
  • SMS donations can be made anytime, anywhere
  • Broaden your outreach to youths on their preferred medium
  • Donors won’t need a credit card, cheques or spare change - once they make the decision to give, they can do so on the spot, and are billed by their service provideer later
  • Maximise the power of a captive audience by prominently displaying mobile donation details at appeal concerts, sporting events, transit billboards…
  • The technology complements your current initiatives with a new dimension - LiveSpot donations details can be published at your events to a captive audience, on your website, collection tins and merchandise

Some ideas to get you started…

  • Overcome the “no change” excuse. Staff holding collection tins could wear shirts or hand out little cards imprinted with “Help someone. Text SHELTER to…”
  • At fundraising events and concerts, run a ticker on screen with texting details of your SMS donation drive. A captive audience with their mobile phones means higher conviction rates.
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