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LiveSpot Projector
What is it?
LiveSpot Projector captures and displays SMS and MMS messages onto a viewing screen.
How does it work?
SMS/MMS messages are sent to a premium number. The content is routed onto a projector screen for display.

Setting it up
LiveSpot issues you a premium number and goes onsite to set up hardware and projection equipment.
Using it
All you will need to do next is publicise texting details to the audience who will be contributing to the projected screen content.
  • Brings interactivity to an event, engages crowds, acknowledges the audience
  • Provides space within an event or venue for audiences to express themselves
  • LiveSpot SMS Projector is highly portable and can be transported to any venue with a mobile reception 

Some ideas to get you started…

  • Make the comments in your guest book come alive to visitors by getting their input in the form of text messages for projection onto screens or walls.
  • Amplify voices of people who have signed your petition – LiveSpot can direct and display text messages onto screens at a preferred venue.
  • Turn flash polls into just that. Gather opinion real time at a given venue and flash results on screen for public viewing.
  • Post secret admirer messages in nightclubs and events to stimulate networking and interaction within the venue.
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