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LiveSpot Voting & Polling
What is it?
LiveSpot Voting & Polling service enables you to gather opinions and responses on any given topic using mobile phones.
How does it work?
The respondent texts his opinion to the premium number. LiveSpot’s system collates and sorts responses for a quantitative result.

Setting it up
Depending on your polling activites, LiveSpot sets up a long-term or one-off premium number. We then work with you to define a suitable question and answer format for optimal evaluation.
Using it
Run your poll alongside current communications activities through which you seek public input and opinion. Publish mobile voting details in places outlets like your website, after an article or an advertisement.
  • Higher participation rates since respondents are willing, and opinions are conveniently expressed over the mobile phone
  • Know what your audience is thinking instantly
  • Quantitative evaluation reports on participation rates and opinions

Some ideas to get you started…

  • Gather consumer opinion as you advertise - “We want to know what you favourite cola is. Text ORIGINAL, DIET or LIME to…”
  • Anticipate results over a radio or television programme - “Which team should be eliminated from the hunt? Text BEASTS or WARRIORS to...”
  • Public sentiments over a controversial topic - “Should large animals be allowed in apartments? Text YES or NO to…”
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