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New to Augmented Reality?

Want to view homes for sale on your Sunday walk?  Or maybe even compare fuel prices in your area?

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to view what's around you. From where you're standing, simply hold up your phone, point it in the distance and watch as info-bubbles appear on your screen. Take your pick and get directions, user reviews and even discount vouchers.

Augmented reality is a powerful visual medium that enables you to view location-based information at your fingertips. The technology runs on your mobile phone's AR viewer, which determines your exact global position using the phone's camera, then displays search results relevant to the application you are running.

With almost every phone sold today being 3G-enabled, AR for you is what SatNav has become for drivers - a practical, everyday tool to point you in the best direction, saving you precious time and money.

Forget the manual search. Simply LiveSpot it. Our AR applications are free and available for

Download Layar, a free mobile phone AR browser for Android or iPhone.


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